Member of the Month/Trader of the Month for MAY ----- ANNOUNCED !

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Bench Warmer

to our
MAY Member Of The Month
(MOTM) Winner


as well as our

MAY Trader Of The Month
(TOTM) Winner


These members will receive site points and "nifty lil' tag" and will be featured on the Home Page as well.

danielalba/Daniel , The Member of the Month (MOTM) was chosen for his outstanding efforts and contributions to SCFreaks, his wild participation in the FREAKS Scavenger Hunt #1 & #2, posting, participation, and he finds time to make a few deals here and there as well. Daniel is just an overall great member and a true FREAK.

MOTM will be running each, and every month, so make sure you contribute positively to the site with useful posts, tons of trades, and just being helpful towards your fellow members, and hopefully you will be chosen for the next month. General members can nominate another member for any month, but please make sure they are deserving nominees, and not just your friends. We will be taking into consideration all aspects of a nominee when choosing the right winners. If you contribute to the site, you will eventually be noticed, and awarded. There is NO limit as to how many times you can win. Get to posting and spreading the word about the site and you may be the next MOTM!!!

ac-n-mike/AC, The Trader of the Month (TOTM) was chosen for leading SCFreaks in trades last month. He has won this award a few times before
(Feb 2010, Nov 2009, Aug & Sept 2007) and has reclaimed his spot as one of the top traders on the site.

TOTM will be awarded every month as well... Trade totals (LEADERBOARD) is featured on the HOME PAGE and the winner is the member with the MOST trades for the month. Again it is THAT simple.

Thanks to all the SCFreaks members for their continued support ....

CONGRATS again to
danielalba & ac-n-mike
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