March Madness


Bench Warmer
Darn we should've done something for March Madness, see who ends up with the best bracket. Didn't even cross my mind. I hope to see UNC win it but I love upsets. I think Syracuse will the first #1 down. Who do you guys like?
I agree with you on the thought of Syracuse being the first #1 out, and even though I am a U of M fan, I think that this is Michigan States year.
Being a Kentucky fan, it should be apparent who I think will win. Syracuse will probably go down in the third round with their big man becoming ineligible. Go Cats!
What a crazy day yesterday....why I love this time of the year. Anyone interested in doing a second chance bracket on Yahoo? We have until Thursday afternoon to set it up.
I don't follow basketball a whole lot, so I'd probably suck at it, but I'd definitely give it a shot. Do you need to send us invites or is there a link we need to join up?
Don't worry everyone sucks at it haha. I guess I'd create it, I'll probably send a link. I hope everyone can participate in this.
We're going to need the password for the group. For me it said "You are not a member of this group. (Error #113)". When I joined another group on Yahoo, there was a group # and password.
Thanks. Good luck to everyone that enters.

I still see no clear winner in this year's tournament. Kentucky looks good, but I think Indiana matches well with them. I don't know. I'm curious to see who everyone else picks.
Got my bracket entered. Now it just depends on whether or not Kendall Marshall can play as to whether I regret my picks on that part of the bracket. Thanks for setting this up otis.