lucky pull!!!(ish)


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well wife bought a a few packs for me today while i was at work and bam got a andy dalton autograph gu jersey and football. i was thrilled till i noticed something. its damaged:cursing:its numbered 231/299 and its actually a auto on the card:(



What a sweet pull! I tend to take damage a little less to heart when I know it's for my PC and not to be sold. Now if I pulled a Bryce Harper auto and it was damaged, I might cry. lol

Great hit though, bro! Don't card companies have replacement options for damaged cards?
yea dont get me wrong im excited about it. its not a card i would sell if it was in good shape. im contacting panini about the ponder ill wait and see what they say. i really would hate to send in the dalton and not get a dalton back. so i may keep it for my pc.
Sweet AJ Dalton :LOL: (no typo here btw for those not aware of it :p )

Too bad its cracked, but if its PC I'd keep it, cause you dont know what theyll send back..