Racing Kyle Bush what do you think?


Bench Warmer
WOW! Who ever thought Kyle Busch would be the hottest thing in Nascar at this point in the season? Its already time for the All-Star race and Kyle Busch and carl Edwards are spanking the field week to week! Neither Gordon or Earnhardt have won and the COT is looking very strong.
My question for all you is what do you think about Kyle Busch? This kid reminds me of Gordon without a brain! Kinda like Darrell Waltrip when he was in his prime :) ! He has won in all 3 series and looks like a contender everyweek. I like think personally he is great for the sport because he helps to keep Hendrick out of Victory lane! NASCAR always needs a Bad Boy and Kyle makes things very interesting. I know alot of people dont like him, but I think he's a great "Shade of gray!"
What a team JGR has, huh!? Wasn't too keen about Kyle before he became part of the team, but I'm happy he's part of it now. He's an awesome driver for sure. I don't think it's fair that people put a "bad guy" label on him either. Look at Dale Sr. He was a great driver, but nobody questioned his aggressiveness.
Yea his driving style reminds me alot of Sr. I got a kick out of watching him bump Jeff Gordon out of the way last week. It seems you never see drivers standing up to Gordon on the track. I can't wait to see what Kyle does next week!