23-24 OPC Hobby box


5.00 star(s)
Got a box online at the CollectorStore late last week. The box contains 18 packs of 10 cards. It came in earlier this week, but I had just been too busy to open it. I finally got around to it tonight and here are the results:

Base cards: 126 of 400, did not sort through yet.

All Stars (8): including McDavid, Crosby, J Hughes, Makar, and 4 others.
Rookies (10): including R Greig, M. Kneiss, C. Bedard :), and 7 others.
Playing cards (4): Keller, Couture, Toews, and J. Robertson.
Retro parallels (18): M Tkachuk, J Hughes, M Coronato RC, M Poitras RC, and 14 other base.
Black parallel (1): I Mikheyev #/100
Blue parallels (6): J Robertson, U Luukkonen, V Iorio RC and 3 other base.
Red parallel (1): T Lewis.
Purple parallel (1): E Andrae RC #/49
Rainbow parallel (1): W Cuylle #/33. this would have been awesome if it was Bedard. LOL
OPC Premier (3): J McCann, D Wolf RC, P Mintyukov RC
OPC Premier foil (1): M Tkachuk #/75

Not looking to trade any of this right now, as I think I am going to try to build this set, if I can find the boxes cheap enough.

Overall this was a fun break, but without the Bedard, I don't think these boxes are worth some of the online prices. I like the OPC Premier parallels and the foil versions are really nice looking cards that look like they would be ones you find in higher price products. Thanks for the read and good luck with your breaks.
I busted my first blaster of this product in an attempt to get a Bedard.....no luck but lmk when you have a want list for the set all are for trade.