I Made a eBay Mistake


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Well, I made a mistake on eBay and to be honest...I feel bad about it. I wanted to share it because many of us have sold on eBay and had the buyer do bad things. This is the first time I have been on the other side.

So, a little backstory first.

Recently I picked up an auto of an older Oregon QB and I decided I like it. He never made it in the NFL (I think he's in the CFL today)...but it was a cool card with a lot of different parallel versions. I have never attempted a "rainbow" set so I thought I would give it a try.

So, I did a little eBay searching and I found a few of the parallels and I picked them up. I think I got the /99 for like $2 and I could of the more common cards for about the same. I have 3 of them and have probably $10 totally invested.

Anyway, I did a completed listings search for the card on eBay looking for cards that didn't sell. I found the /49 but the guy wanted like $10 for it plus like $4 shipping. Seemed a little steep but I thought I'd message him and see if he still had it. I thought I would splurge and pick it up.

The card had been listed a few times but never sold...which is not surprising because it was over priced.

So, I decided to send the seller a message and ask if he still had it because if he did I was interested. He responded that he did and would relist it. Which he did.

So, I went to it to purchase it when I made a discovery...he had listed it as a "non-auto." When I searched completed listings for "auto" it came up and I didn't look closely enough at the old listing before I messaged him. When I saw it come up under my search and saw the price (which was high for the auto)...I just didn't look closely enough.

Well, I felt bad because it was my error. I sent him a message letting him know that I had mis-read his ad. I apologized and told him that I was looking for an auto version and that I was not interested in the non-auto cards. Of course he sent me back an angry message...but that's OK.

I still felt bad because I was the one that reached out to him.


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Honest mistake. and lets face it. You know he listed it with "non-auto" in the title just to get the hits and traffic of people looking for the auto.


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the eBay sellers are getting really sneaky with their listings... people searching for the TRUE 1 of 1 cards have to search through a plethora of "eBay 1 of 1" (i.e., NASCAR Car Number - #24/XX for Gordon, Football Jersey Number - #9/XX for Stafford)... until they find the TRUE 1 of 1.

I even had problems back many years ago when I was a collector of NASCAR's Bobby Labonte... finding his brother Terry's cards listed in the title as "brother to Bobby Labonte".

Honest mistake on YOUR part... and a "let's see how many hits I get" (oh oops...)mistake on his part.