freebies and presurgery mail day


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Well I had been using Kelly as the scapegoat on all the bubble mailers I had been receiving but when I came home from the hospital and I couldn't walk down the stairs, it was sort of hard to say that all the MJD cards were for Kelly when my family knows he doesn't collect him and the only things for Kelly that come here are hockey cards of Jeff Carter. So, yeah I kinda got busted.

Just before my surgery, I got a package from Andy that was filled with Alex Smiths, JJ Arringtons, Matt Jones, and was super sweet.

Got my print plate of Becks that I was waiting on from Canada and I goofed up and left feedback before he even shipped, woops lucky me that he was honest.

Beckford-Tseu 1/1 The Cup Yellow Print Plate

still looking for the actual card that i have the print plates of, but for now these will be ok.

Artifacts dual jsy and auto of Maurice Jones Drew

Elite Teams Triple Jags 7 color 21/25

a get better card from Alane-thank you so much it made my day
06 Threads Dual Maurice Jones-Drew

and a very nice Artifacts card, /15


scan looks fuzzy cause of the bag i put around the one touch, i probably should start scanning my cards before i put them in bags.

Either way, that's my mail that I got busted with. Also picked up 3 07 Elite Aspirations /68 and 1 Red Status that is numbered to /32.

Not working has given me more time to look on ebay, but now that my paychecks have slowed down, I have to be more picky about what I really want to buy.

Thanks again, Andy and Alane- freebies really made my day and made me kind of forget about my surgery.
You're welcome, glad ya like it ;) Also glad your post office didn't eat it like they did the other card :lollol::lollol::lollol:

Some sweet patches on the Artifacts and Elite Teams too!
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