Complete & Hits Posted**2023 Topps Pro Debut Baseball - 3 Hobby & 1 Jumbo Box Break


5.00 star(s)
The Pro Debut boxes produced! Such a fun product with tons of color! Orange /25 auto, 2 gold /50 and 1 mini diamond gold/50 among the mini hits!


Here is the 2nd team list. Feel to trade up to an hour prior to break tomorrow at 3PM CST.

LarryGToronto Blue Jays
dcb11Chicago Cubs
John McclellanMiami Marlins
LarryGLos Angeles Dodgers
Jeff HamlettChicago White Sox
Molitor04xHouston Astros
Chad BosleyAtlanta Braves
OldNewRipsSeattle Mariners
John McclellanPhiladelphia Phillies
BrianDetroit Tigers
Kpit1978San Francisco Giants
Robert ToppingOakland Athletics
Bobbyd9179Boston Red Sox
Bobbyd9179San Diego Padres
BrianCleveland Guardians

2nd team randomizer will run 11/3 11AM CST

Live break will occur Saturday 11/4 at 3PM CST

2023 Topps Pro Debut Baseball - 3 Hobby & 1 Jumbo Box Break - $25 Pick 1/Get 1

Lots of top prospects to hunt still available!
Padres - Jackson Merrill
Red Sox - Marcelo Mayer
Twins - Brooks Lee
Nationals - James Wood & Brady House

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Chase 15 autos, 72 chrome cards, parallels, and a fun set of inserts of today's hot prospects in 3 Hobby and 1 Jumbo 2023 Topps Pro Debut boxes!

$25, shipping included, gets your first choice of team, plus 1 random team. Teams can be traded after randomization. Boxes are in hand so we can break this soon after it fills!

What to expect in the break:
  • Cards per pack: Hobby – 8, HTA Jumbo – 24
  • Packs per box: Hobby – 24, HTA Jumbo – 6
  • 720 Cards Total
  • Set size: 200 cards
  • Release date: October 18, 2023
  • Autographs – 15
  • Farm Fresh Futures –12
  • MiLB Legends – 12
  • Chrome – 72
****Teams are assigned by MLB franchise here>

1. Orioles - LarryG (SCC)
2. Rockies - LarryG (SCC)
3. Reds - Molitor04x (SCC)
4. Diamondbacks - OldNewRips (SCC)
5. Yankees - Kpit1978 (scc)
6. Pirates - dcb11 (SCC)
7. Royals - Chad Bosley (FB)
8. Brewers - Bobbyd9179 (SCC)
9. Rangers - John Mcclellan (FB)
10. Rays - John Mcclellan (FB)
11. Cardinals Jeff Hamlett (FB)
12. Mets - Robert Topping (FB)
13. Twins - Bobbyd9179 (SCC)
14. Nationals - Brian
15. Angels - Brian

I will request payments once the break has filled.

**Please plan add $1 for goods and services payments** "2023 Topps Pro Debut Baseball is something of an overhaul for the minor league brand. It’s more based on cosmetics and configuration, but those busting hobby boxes will definitely find different content versus previous years. The big one is the addition of Topps Chrome. It’s been in Pro Debut for a couple of years but exclusively in jumbo packs. Now, they’re into hobbies as well. Standard parallels are also getting a makeover. The main set has 200 cards covering players from throughout the minors. Regular parallels shift to foil stock. Colors include: Fuchsia Foil – /199, Sparkle Foil – /175, Blue Foil – /150, Green Foil – /99, Aqua Foil – /75, Gold Foil – /50, Orange Foil – /25, Red Foil – /10, FoilFractors – 1/1.
All 200 cards get the Topps Chrome treatment as well, which combine to land every other hobby pack and six per HTA jumbo pack. It wouldn’t be Chrome without Refractors. Levels come in: Refractors – /99, Aqua Refractors – /75, Gold Refractors – /50 (HTA jumbo only), Gold Mini-Diamond Refractors – /50 (hobby only), Orange Lava Refractors – /25 (HTA jumbo only), Orange Mini-Diamond Refractors – /25 (hobby only), Red Refractors – /5, Red Mini-Diamond Refractors – /5 (hobby only) Superfractors – 1/1
Select cards have Image Variations, which are done with foil stock. Foilfractors are the lone parallels for these.
Autographs combine to land four per hobby box. Most of these are Base Autographs. Parallels come in: Sparkle Foil – /199, Blue – /150, Green – /99 Gold – /50, Orange – /25, Red – /10, Foilfractors – 1/1
There are also Chrome Autographs with additional Refractors (/99), Orange Lava Refractors (/25, HTA jumbo only), Red Refractors (/5) and Superfractors (1/1).The 2023 Topps Pro Debut Baseball checklist has a couple of other insert sets that are autograph-only. Pro Debut Draftboards Autographs, which are done with foil, and Future Cornerstones Autographs are all serial numbered. Future Cornerstones cards also have Gold Foil (/50), Orange Foil (/25), Red Foil (/10) and Foilfractors (1/1) versions.As for other inserts, Pro Debut Echoes looks at familial connections, highlighting different combinations of fathers and sons, brothers and others who have relatives who played minor league baseball. MiLB Legends (1:6 packs) returns with past stars shown as youngsters. These use the 1967 Topps Baseball design.
Farm Fresh Futures (1:6 packs) makes its debut in 2023 Pro Debut. All three of these insert sets have the same parallel levels: Green Foil (/99), Orange Foil (/25) and Foilfractors (1/1). Select cards also have autographs.Pick by Pick is the toughest insert set in the product. Individual cards for these are limited to the player’s draft position. So the closer to the top, the lower the print run."
**The nitty gritty: Autographed and Serial #’d cards only will be toploaded in the break video. Colored parallels and inserts will be, at minimum, penny sleeved after the break concludes. Select base cards such as those of hot prospects, rookies, or stars will be penny sleeved and/or toploaded at FountainTown’s discretion or the mutually agreed upon request of the break participant. Combo cards or non sports cards will be randomized at the end of the break. Players in college uniforms with no professional team name on the card will go to whichever team they were drafted by or randomized if undrafted. Please allow up to 5 business days after the break concludes for product shipment. If participants are in multiple breaks with FountainTown we may combine shipping with other breaks. All shipments will be placed in teams bags within bubble mailers or boxes and shipped via USPS Ground Advantage or UPS, unless otherwise notified.20231028_215324.jpg
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Lots of top prospects to hunt still available
Rays - Junior Caminero & Carson Williams
Rangers - Evan Carter & Luisangel Acuna
Padres - Jackson Merrill
Red Sox - Marcelo Mayer
Twins - Brooks Lee
Nationals - James Wood & Brady House