Backup quarterbacks in football products.


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How many of you have noticed how few backup quarterbacks end up being in the main set of football products these days? Heck, how many end up being included in insert/parallel sets in different products? My guess, without looking, is not very many. Now, I'm not talking about rookies. I'm talking about veterans. The reason I ask is because it dawned on me today that card companies might be foolish not to include one backup quarterback, in Tim Tebow, into their products. I'd be almost willing to bet that Tim Tebow has as many cards in 2012 football products as the starting quarterback of his team, Mark Sanchez. At least I would include him in my products, even over Mark Sanchez, if I were a card manufacturer.

What do y'all think? Should Tim Tebow be used in football products as much as Sanchez even though he's just the backup quarterback?
Not sure he will be a true back-up QB, but I would almost guarentee that he will have more cards than, just about, every QB in the league.
Tebow will certainly be out there, if there is another backup that is as big of a fan favorite, then I am sure that they would be included as well.
Just saw a report that he will be starting on the punt coverage team, so they can list that has his starting job.:flapper: