Complete& Hits Posted**** Live Rip 11/4 7pm CST**Panini Chronicles Baseball (4) Retail Preferred Box and (10) Jumbo Pack Break!


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The FountainTown boys and I had a lot of fun ripping these! Lots of nits hits including a Jasson Dominguez Green prospect draft Ticket redemption!


The FountainTown boys and I are doing a live rip of this at 7PM CST today
Here is the video link

2022 Panini Chronicles Baseball (4) Retail Preferred Box and (12) Jumbo Pack Rip

We're looking for 8 autos or relics, and 8 exclusive Obsidian Electric Etch Carolina Blue Parallels in (4) 2022 Panini Retail Preferred Boxes! 12 Jumbo packs are included as well! “Enter 2022 Panini Chronicles Baseball, a release that has small- and medium-sized doses from over a dozen brands in Panini’s portfolio. As usual, that means different types of designs, different card builds and a variety of materials. Both standard and high-end brands are included on the master 2022 Chronicles Baseball checklist including Obsidian, Origins, Rookie Ticket, Spectra, Threads, and Titan. Along with the brands comes different styles of cards. Chromium, acetate and holoboard are all here along with more traditional double-sided glossy stock. Rookies and up-and-comers figure prominently in the autographs. Spectra brings Prospect Jersey Autographs using premium chrome stock. Origins Rookie Jumbo Material Autographs are a staple for the brand, particularly in football. They make the jump over to baseball in Chronicles. Rookie Ticket Autographs, a Contenders cornerstone for decades in the hobby, find a home here. As for non-hits, Spectra comes with a large 100-card checklist. Hobby packs are the only place to find Meta parallels of these. For those hunting for acetate, there’s Clearly Donruss Rated Rookies. More than 20 first-year players make the cut. Some of the brands are making their Chronicles Baseball debuts. These include Essentials, Marquee and Vertex. Like most Panini products from the last few years, there are tough short-print inserts. Here, it’s Gold Rush, which falls under the Contenders Optic line”

**The nitty gritty: Autographed and Serial #’d cards only will be toploaded in the break video. Colored parallels and inserts will be, at minimum, penny sleeved after the break concludes. Select base cards such as those of top collegiate athletes, prospects, rookies, or stars will be penny sleeved and/or toploaded at FountainTown’s discretion or the mutually agreed upon request of the break participant. Combo cards and non-sports cards will be randomized at the end of the break. Players in college uniforms with no professional team name on the card, that is otherwise not in collegiate break, will go to whichever team they were drafted by or randomized if undrafted. Please allow up to 5 business days after the break concludes for product shipment. If participants are in multiple breaks with FountainTown we may combine shipping with other breaks. All shipments will be placed in teams bags within bubble mailers or boxes and shipped with USPS Ground Advantage or UPS, unless otherwise notified**20231024_120232.jpg
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