Break Complete! 2023 Panini Chronicles Football 3 Mega Box Random Division Style Group Break


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Live link to the group break video:

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Football season is right around the corner so I wanted to see if anybody might be interested in trying a RANDOM DIVISION (4 TEAMS) STYLE group break for THREE MEGA BOXES of 2023 PANINI CHRONICLES FOOTBALL.

Box Configuration:

Each box contains 6 packs per box and 9 cards per pack.

  • 2022 Panini Chronicles Football Mega Box (Unparalleled Inserts!)​

    Every Box contains 10 Mega Box Exclusive Teal Parallels!
    Look for 12 different brands, including the Mega Box Exclusive Unparalled Insert. Find MEGA EXCLUSIVE TEAL Parallels and Paramount Signatures, highlighted by the league's top players. Hunt for the fan-favorite MAGNITUDE cards in the 2022 set - bringing you a mix of established NFL Stars and upcoming Rookies.
    Find updated Rookie photography in their NFL jerseys, printed on Opti-Chrome in Score and Legacy Update. Hunt for the popular releases from years' past with PRIZM BLACK, Gridiron Kings, Playoff Momentum (featuring autograph parallels!), Dynagon Rookies (only in Chronicles), Panini and many more.
    Mega Box hits, on average, include 6 Opti-Chrome Inserts (including 2 Silver Parallels) + 10 MEGA EXCLUSIVE TEAL Parallels! (Online orders are pulled at random and odds are subject to change).

    6 Packs Per Box, 9 Cards Per Pack

    Product Highlights​

    • 10 Exclusive Teal Parallels Per Box!
    • Six Opti-Chrome Inserts Per Box!
    • Look For Key Rookies!
    • Key Rookies
    • Brock Purdy
    • Kenny Pickett
    • Sam Howell
    • Matt Corral
    • Malik Willis
    • Jameson Williams
    • Garrett Wilson
    • Drake London
    • Chris Olave

Product Info:

Here is how this break will work. There are 8 spots and the price is $20 per spot. Each spot gets you ONE RANDOM DIVISION (4 TEAMS) AND ALL OF THE CARDS OF PLAYERS FROM THE 4 TEAMS IN THAT DIVISION. Example would be if we randomize and you end up with the AFC South Division you would get all 4 teams in that division, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, and Indianapolis Colts and all cards from players from those 4 teams.

Once the break is full I will randomize the list of members and divisions to see who gets what division and teams. You will also have a chance to trade divisions/teams before we do this break.

After you sign up I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

2. Bobbyd9179 PAID AFC East
3. bfd13 PAID AFC South
4. kpit1978 PAID NFC East
5. dad3309@ PAID AFC West
6. OldNewRips PAID AFC North
7. dragonslayer913 PAID NFC North
8. Creature of Slime PAID NFC South
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Division randomization is complete. Please let me know if anybody would like to make any division or team trades.

We’ll plan to do this break sometime on Tuesday August 8th.
Okay I am planning to do this break TOMORROW Tuesday August 8th at 4pm PT. Please let me know if there are any trades anybody would like to make before then. And let me know if anybody has any questions.