Your Favorite Dunk?


Bench Warmer
I was thinking about VC the other night and thought why dont we all share some of our favorite NBA dunks.... Here is one of all my all time top favorites...

Haha! I actually am a HUGE fan of Vince Carter. Being a UNC basketball fan, that's just a natural. That said, I do like the elbow dunk, but my favorite is the one he did before that one.

Well this season, my fave is LeBron jumping over John Lucas.. all time.. hmmm.. thinking will have to be involved :LOL: but Vince Carter was so awesome..
Here's another one..... I remember watching this game on TV and almost lost my voice when I saw this one...

VC still has it.... This dunk happened tonight.... Watch it in slow motion. ;)

WOW!!! I had NO IDEA that VC was playing for Dallas! Move over San Antonio, I'll be rooting for the other Texas team this season!