Who am I, Contest


Bench Warmer

I checked with the Admin and he gave me permission to run this contest:

This is open to all members of SCF, except for admin.
1 guess per 12 hours, no editing it will be grounds for disqualification.
First person with the correct answer will win.

Due to the advent of interenet I will make it challenging, but more and more hints will dropped/posted.

Price will be a GU/Auto of my choice. today we are playing for a dual gu of tom brady/trent green, i'll get a scan later.

Ok, here we go;

1. Born in Texas
2. Wasn't recruited
3. ACC
4. Currently, my first playing professional team produced 4 of these and I'm one of them
5. I was drafted in 1985 in the middle rounds
6. I was looked DOWN upon by almost all the guys
7. NBA