When did you start watching MMA?


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Like the title says, when did you first see MMA?

I first saw it in 1999. I'm a huge wrestling fan, and I was going to spend my allowance on a new wrestling VHS or two. Yes VHS kids lol, you know the big black cassettes before DVDs? Anyway, the store I always went to, had something new mixed in with the wrestling, even though it doesn't belong there. It was Ultimate Fighting Championship 3.. Ken Shamrock on the cover. And being a wrestling fan, I knew him. It looked interesting, bought it.. and I was blown away. Now, UFC back then was way, waaaaay different than it is now, almost no rules, and a lot more raw than now.. But I got hooked. He wasnt in UFC #3, but I quickly found Vitor Belfort to be amazing (hes still my fave)..

Whats your story? How did you find MMA? :)
Now I know some of the Zoners follow MMA... C'mon now..

I do not really follw it but I have been to several PPV parties to watch some. Just really do not have the time to follow another sport. I know that sounds bad but I am currently working full time, going to school full time, getting ready to get married, running to all of the kids sporting events and highly involved in my church. I usually do not know whether I am coming or going...:dead::wtf::headbang::D