What's the nicest card I can get here for 100?


scuba steve

I was thinking about getting a box of something, but I know I'd just be disappointed if I did. Maybe I could spend 100 here instead. Looking for a nice auto/patch auto of anyone. There aren't any HP's on the bay right now, so I don't have any monetary obligations for a while. If you've got something that sounds good, let me know.
dude, you freakin rock. I'ma go look through my stuff now and get you some hawks....I think it's been a while, I should have some now...
I don't have ONE card worth $100;
but I could fit you into a couple smaller cards -

yeah but nobody wants to pay close enough to my BIN...lots of offers in the 225-240 range

or you can pick a couple cards out of there for $100 lol

man, that's really tempting. I was hoping to get 1 card over 200 in BV, but I don't have any exquisite patch rookies either....