Basketball Went to the Bulls game...AHHHHHHHHHHHH


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Well first off all, it wasn't a very good night for me at the game last night vs Toronto.

I got there early to get autos. Bought a Bulls Logo Photofile for the game. Brought 2 silver sharpies because that was what I thought would look nicest.

First, saw Joakim Noah, had him easy, had the photo on the clipboard with one hand and the silver sharpie in the other, BUT HE SIGNED IN THE BLACK MARKER HE HAD IN HIS HAND! This would prove to be horrible, later.

Then, I got Sefolosha, just had him sign in the black because I wanted it all in one color, figured I would get everyone I could in black.

Then BEN GORDON comes. He gets over to where we are, but nobody in my damn section has a black sharpie, actually this ****ing kid does, but he doesn't hand it to Ben. Ben makes the hand motion for writing for about 2 seconds (saying that he needs something to write with), then moves on. I didn't want to give him my silver sharpie because it would look weird with the other black signatures.

Then I got Duhon in black.


After that, the game was horrible. The lost 101-71, we left in the third quarter.

Pretty horrible night as I didn't get the guy I wanted and the Bulls got blown out.


Never mind man :)

As long the bad days/nights happens now not in the playoffs ;) :D

Something is wrong with those Bulls?!

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sorry about your luck. We can't win them all.

But you failed to mention what the score was when you left. I believe Chicago didn't score 50 points until the 4th.