Card grading errors


Bench Warmer
I'm putting this out there so I can get others opinion on this because I have never had this happen before. I just got some graded cards back, and 2 are what I believe to be is mistakes/errors in the grading. This are cards that I am going to sell. 1 card was a miscut that on the back had the number of the wrong card. That is the number that was put on the sealed info from the grading co. Shouldn't it be the number of the actual card? The other card was a "wrong back" card that again, the grading co put the wrong number in the sealed placard. I actually have several other "wrong back" cards, and they have the correct number in the info. So I guess my question is, would I be better off sending the cards back get them corrected, sell them "as is" as grading error cards? Thanks.
This is a good question….I guess the first thing I would ask is does the grading company have a policy on how they grade such cards? Do different companies do them differently. In general,I would say if it’s a star on front and common on back, you would want the star’s name on the label for selling value, but for collectors of this type of card it may not matter. Keep us posted on what happens.
The first card I talked about that was a miscut was Gary Gaetti. A pretty decent star in his day. The second card is Nolan Ryan. Certainly a big star. Now after my first post i sent, it was going thru the rest of my graded card that I just got back, and I discovered another error. I sent off 3 1992-93 Upper Deck #453 Michael Jordan "In Your Face" cards. They are identical and came out of the same unopened box. 2 are correct but 1 came back a "1994-95 Upper Deck He's back Reprints #453 Michael Jordan In Your Face". I'm pretty sure that that card says "He's back March 19,1995" on the left front of the card. Of course a major star. Still wondering from anybody if I should try to sell as a "Misgraded card" or not. Thanks for any words of wisdom.
I would definitely look at getting the Jordan’s fixed…no one is paying extra for a card that is incorrectly labeled in my opinion.