Upper Deck Customer Service ...


Bench Warmer
Some of you may know that I recently received a Exquisite Quad Auto Redemption numbered to 10 from Upper Deck. The card arrived badly damaged, so I sent it back with a pleasant note asking them to please replace it as it came from a $800 pack and it shouldn't be damaged.

I waited 5 weeks and then called about it ... they told me they haven't received it yet or that it's not in the system yet and that I should call back in 2 weeks.

Well, today has been about 2 weeks, so I called again and got the same story ... not in the system yet call back in a couple of weeks.

How long is this supposed to go on? I mean I already waited 6 months for the redemption to be fulfilled. Even having a store, and hearing this stuff all the time, now I'm getting irritated.
Tough to say with those folks sometimes. I think it's a left hand, right hand thing. You did send with Signature required or at least w/ D/C? hope so.

PS Your Cup Cases in yet? P.M. inbound asking the same thing, lol.
i hope you sent return receipt or some way of proving you sent and they received. i learned the hard way to make sure someone has to physically sign for the stuff, including redemptions