UD is hilarious


Bench Warmer
This will mark the 3rd time this has happened. On occasion it seems that particular cards are not getting made (eg. over a year goes by in the redemption) and when I have no interest in the actual card and I get tired of waiting, I ask for replacements. Well 2 times before I wait 1 year + and then ask for replacements, only to receive the actual original card I was supposed to get.

Time #3 for me. It seems to me that redemptions get forgotten about and they really don't bother to check on old redemptions. When you first redeem it gets immediately looked for and if it's not in stock it gets filed away in the mystery drawer.

So I call and spend 20 minutes discussion replacement options with the lackey, and sure enough...original card comes in the mail. I doubt the cards were coincidentally made in the week of my call each time. They have no clue what is in stock or not.

Anyways...here it is:


and got this one in today as well for the Carter PC: