Football Top 10 Quarterbacks Age 25 and Under


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Here is the list of top 10 quarterbacks age 25 or under, according to "NFL Total Access". Do you agree? The only changes I might make is moving Cam Newton back to #6, and moving Matt Stafford and Russell Wilson to #5 and #4, respectively.

10. Josh Freeman
9. Andy Dalton
8. Sam Bradford
7. Ryan Tannehill
6. Matthew Stafford
5. Russell Wilson
4. Cam Newton
3. Colin Kaepernick
2. Robert Griffin III
1. Andrew Luck
Personally I'd put RGIII at #1 instead of Luck. I'd also move Bradford up the list some and maybe move Stafford up some. Not sure about the others. Don't follow most of them Just my RamSkins really and Bradford ain't that great a QB but I think he is improving.
I think that the list is proof of "instant gratification". I would move Bradford, Dalton and Stafford up because they have proved themselves over a period of time. On the same precedence, I would move Newton to the bottom of this list. RGIII and Luck have the best looking future but still have a lot to prove.

10. Josh Freeman
9. Cam Newton
8. Ryan Tannehill
7. Sam Bradford
6. Russell Wilson
5. Andy Dalton
4. Colin Kaepernick
3. Matthew Stafford
2. Robert Griffin III (probably more of a 1A, if not for the injury)
1. Andrew Luck

That is how I would list them.