This guys an idiot

he has some valid points..but its like the Gary Sheffield comments about race/baseball in that how he delivers his points makes him sound like an idiot. I dont like how he says certain things are facts when its impossible to know that they are or if they are not. Blaming Bush solely for the Iraq War is getting old as its his whole cabinet, advisors (which some are different races), and high power supporters that deserve alot of the blame. Bush has the ultimate power but he has to go with what his advisors are telling him to do. Anyway..

there are many things that high society back in the day (white people by the way) made illegal because its how 'they' felt about it. There are many reasons to make things illegal. Dog fighting was fully acceptable up to the point when high society (coincidentally white people) started breeding dogs to be their slaves i mean pets. At that time in America/Europe, dogfighting was definitely embedded in the underclass culture. It was not a race event. It was merely an underclass culture in both Europe and America. In America, dogfighting was very popular in southern culture amongst both blacks and whites.

Here is a start to some history..many of the links are biased but you can get what you need to get out of the articles. Its very interesting to say the least.

If you look at the sports illustrated article it basically states within the article that pit bulls were not even recognized as a breed until the 20th century because of their uncivilized aggression towards people. If you believe in evolution you can realize that this long history of breeding them to be aggresive has been passed down from generation to generation of pitbulls. This explains why so many pit bull breeders who try to breed them as pets have a tough time to brainwash them into being not so aggressive.

When dogs get to a certain age and they are a danger to humans, they are usually killed. Thats the harsh reality that goes unsaid.
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