Tampered PSA 10 SPA patch



This is the first PSA graded tampered SPA patch that I have come across, there have been several BGS tampered SPA's since the companies started grading these.




This seller is not the counterfeiter of the card, as it has been on Ebay before, back in 2005. UD had it removed before it could be sold. Still I'm guessing he is not going to be happy when it is pulled off of Ebay.

The Ebay seller, kkoenig75, will probably be at The National, so those of you going keep an eye out for this patch, as I am sure he will try to sell it there. Let me know if you see it.

I worked out a deal with The Collectors Group management that they would get the scoop first on all of my "busts". :D
However, I'm going to post this later today on Beckett also, so the masses can be warned about this patch also.
My contact at UD just informed me of another tampered PSA SPA I turned in a couple of weeks ago.
I completely forgot about this Frank Gore that I had UD remove from Ebay.
Ironically, it was from the same Ebay seller, kkoenig75, who is trying to sell the Schaub.

This makes 2 highly sought after graded SPA's this seller has had yanked from EBay. He has to be bumming.