So whats up with the National Treasures/99 RC


Bench Warmer
They all sell so high never noticed it

Deangelo Williams books 175 Sells on the bay for close to 250
Maroney Books 200 sells close to 250

:pukerl: Always wanted a Deangelo from that set, Unless I find somebody that trades that card by Book Value, never gonna happen.

My BV's could be wrong I could have misread the beckett.
yeah i want just one NT of Drew and get my ass handed to me in every auction

they are super nice cards, exquisite is always gonna be higher priced in general but i think the NTs are nicer
I'm gonna save like 100 bucks each month for a while maybe more and buy one of the high end boxes and get my ass handed to me. But at least I will be able to "afford" it since I actually saved for it instead of Splurging.