SO Artifacts is full of left over stickers!

Deangelo Hall Fan

Bench Warmer


I've been looking at auctions, and most autos are those terrible silver stickers and of players that don't play much, if any at all.
They are taking all the stickers they rcv'd in the past 5 years and putting them into a product.


However the only good thing is that Deangelo Hall has a few new cards, but with the ugly silver stickers...:doh:

Anyone have a CL??

Pollard, Weathersby, and Schweigert Triple?? :clap::clap::clap::clap:
Makes sense though.. I mean, what are artifacts? Som ethings found after digging aorund for awhile. Some hold big value, some hold little value. So UD was looking through their old boxes, came across some sig sna thought- "Aww crap. Now we have to get rid of these!". And voila! Pawned off on us, the un-assuming collectors and overcharged. THough I will admit.. the Cutler DOES look pretty nice!
I watched a guy break a few boxes of it at the card shop yesterday. He pulled some great jersey names. He pulled a Favre /250, Brady /250, Brees /75, Alexander /75 and a few other decent ones. His autos were Merriman with a new sticker, Tarvis Herny with an old ugly sticker, and he pulled a jersey/auto...just can't remember one great.

And the weirdest part, he pulled 2 Zabransky rookie parallels. One had gold numbering to 99 and the other had green numbering to 99. Don't get that.

My kids bought me a box of it for father's day, so I get a live break this weekend to see for myself.
Here's the checklist. If your player is on there, you'll have about 30 different cards to choose from. Parallels, patches, autos. Pretty extensive RC list, but no legends/retired players. For a product called Artifacts, that seems odd, since I think of "old" when I think of Artifacts.

On the other hand, if you have been waiting to load up on Brian Dawkins, Mike Williams, and Teddy Bruschi, you are in luck

07 Artifacts Checklist