Show a random card you own thread!!

Isnt it amazing the cards that end up being worth a mint?? Kind of the fun of the hobby in a lot of respects, reminding me of huddling around a classmates' Beckett in about 1991, trying to see what our cards were worth!!

Heres a favorite of mine, my wife and I met, got engaged, and were married at U if I....this is a stadium giveaway from Memorial Stadium in Champaign, signed by Dick Butkus!
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Sharp card Mike!! Always loved the swatch and signature cards, cool concept that caught on and really helped revitalize the hobby!!
Love Joe Cool! Great card!

Also, never saw that Jose Canseco before, but my gosh was he dominant in the 80s!
That 55 WS card is AWESOME! I have never seen it before, unbelievable!!