Post up YOUR best Vintage Contest!

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NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
Let's do a "Post Up Your Best Vintage" card contest.

We will allow entries for two weeks, starting today! (Contest will officially begin on May 27, entries will not be allowed after that date).


THE NUMBER ONE AND BIGGEST RULE: We MUST have a minimum of 20 members participating

- One (1) entry per person
- Vintage MUST be prior to 1960 (so, anything dated 1959 and before)
- Cards can be sports related, animals, etc.
- Cards do not have to be graded
- NO profanity cards, NO nudes

Once the two weeks of "entry" are completed, I will start the contest by posting up all entries and everyone will vote on the best 50% of cards shown. If there is an odd number of entries, then I will figure out a best way to come up with a 50%.

Prizes TBD.

Let's see some posting of cards! Don't wait until the last minute!
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OK, here is mine.

Definitely not my "best" vintage or my most valuable...but certainly my favorite. This card combines my favorite vintage baseball subject (Mickey Mantle) with my favorite team (Braves). This card commemorates the 1957 World Series when Mantle's Yankees faced of against Aaron's Braves. The Braves won in 7 games.

This card was also a birthday present from my wife several years ago.

1958 Topps #418 Mickey Mantle/Hank Aaron WS Batting Foes PSA 4


That Mantle Aaron looks undergraded unless I'm missing something and that wolf card is awesome. I'm sure we'll see plenty more great cards in the contest.


From a pack deep in the north country...
2 (100%)
My card is older, I win! My prizes include: Getting the credit and fame for inventing the question mark, veto power over any card trade here between members that involves a Henderson or Casey card that "I" do not have, the right to name the third largest colony on Saturn's Moon Titan (when eventually colonized)


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
Sorry Tim, looks like we just missed having enough members for a contest...

and thank you for posting your comment... I had forgotten about the contest!


maybe next contest we can get some entries!
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