Fourth Week of Advent Contest! DAD3309 WINS IT! CONTEST IS OVER!


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Hey all, one great HOF Charger to end the Advent season and welcome Christmas!
Charlie Joiner is an all time great wide receiver, and along with fellow HOFers Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow and Coach Don Coryell, was a perennial winner in the 80s!


As always, pick a number 1-30, I will be randomizing to choose a winner, best of 3 spins of the number wheel.... the more guesses you take (one per member per day), the more chances to win!

The contest is open to everyone, no consecutive monthly winners to keep it fair and fun for everyone who wants to play!

Compliments of the Season!

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Not getting in on this one, but wanted to give a big thanks to @kclj520 , so very generous and awesome of you.

Good luck to everyone, happy holidays and enjoy all of your friends and family. Remember this is also the time of year to forgive your enemies and show them love and comfort as well.