November NFL Contest!!

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If He Can Hold The World, He Can Hold This Moment
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Hey all,

Let's have some fun! Cameron Brate is a fantastic former Bucs tight end, a great Super Bowl Champion, and has the distinction of having caught Tom Brady's last TD pass!
As always, pick a number 1-30, randomizing the winner, best of 3 spins of the number wheel.... the more guesses you take (one per member per day), the more chances to win!

The contest is open to everyone, no consecutive monthly winners to keep it fair and fun for everyone who wants to play!


@HabsFan6 @rtsjr

Thanks for starting us off, friends!

I agree, Cameron is terrific, and highly underrated as well. I hope he gets picked up, he still has a lot of football left I believe!!
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New day, new guesses! Let's get them rolling in!!
I will try 13. thanks for another contest. I think he is from Naperville, IL

You are right, he went to Naperville Central HS! We lived in Naperville for a year while my wife was still in grad school....all 150,000 people who live there seem to really like it!!
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