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Phill Schuber Removed - SPAMMER - Please read


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
I belong to Sportscard Sammers Exposed (on FB).. the following member recently joined SCC, but has been removed.

If you are working any deals with him.. beware!

  • Phillip Schuber – aka; Phillscards, aka; Schuberphill, aka; Phil’s Cards – Scammer – (Douglasville, GA) – Removed from Damian Jay’s group after multiple member complaints and ripping off a member for $150. Also Non ship to Bryan Grimm. (Damian Jay – 12/30/16 – SSE). Ripped off Joey Higdon. Sent him picture of half of the card (5/11/17 – SSE). Removed from vintage groups for posting a 52 Topps set for sale, for his sick daughter, that were found to be stolen pictures from a set in the Mile High auction. (12/29/16 – VSBG). Shady issue with Sean German (SSE). Ripped off Daniel Swets in 2016. Never shipped. Had his “wife” jerk him around for awhile with promises to ship. Never did (SSE). Ripped off Byron Jackson (1/2/17 – SSE). Tried to scam Patrick Giemzik. Posting cropped pics of cards he doesn’t own. (12/13/16 – SSE). Removed from Freedom Cardboard and Blowout forums for trying to sell cards from stolen eBay pics (Adam Pharis – 1/19/17 – SSE). Ripped off Byron Jackson in 2016 (SSE). 2 Negative Feedbacks in (CCFG-KIR). Tried to rip off Richard Steward and Troy Deveau (5/12/17 – SSE). Ripped off Charlie Odorizzi for $40. Never shipped. (PM). Multiple accounts of Admins and people asking him to coin cards, and his stock answer is that his camera is broke (5/10/17 – Justin Fulk – SSE). Tried to rip off Michael Smith in 2015. Reported to be a junkie, that is constantly listed in the local newspapers arrest section for stealing and crimes. (5/9/17 – Michael Smith – SSE). Ripped off Joseph Daniel Redner for $650 in cash and cards. Never shipped. Won’t respond. His wife said she’d ship, because he has cancer and is sick. She never did either. (6/9/17 – SSE). Ripped off Nick Routt. Never shipped $70 card he purchased. Never sent tracking or returned PM’s. (9/13/17 – Nick Routt – SSE). Mailing Address: Phillip Schuber: 6470 Gordon Street, Lithia Springs, GA 30122. Phone (Listed to his Dad; Thomas) 770-732-0063. His phone: 770-728-5359. and