Not to blaspheme, but does anyone else wish the NFL was more like the NBA


Bench Warmer
in how it handles rookie contracts? We are what, two or three months past the NFL draft and only first rounder and a couple overall have signed (both with the Bears I think). These guys need to get their asses into camps (more important for some than others but...) and every year so many hold out or are last minute signees. Yet the NBA draft was just a week ago today and many of the top picks have signed their contracts already. Yes, I know it is pre-set, guaranteed and all that, but why can't the NFL do that, at least for the first rounders. If you go here you get X. Hell, if they want to add in position multipliers who cares, just get these kids on the field and working out...

You must of listened to Mike and Mike this morning. But i do agree with them and you. NFL needs to have a standard signing terms for rookies. The #1 and #2 pick of the NBA draft have already signed and that was like 2 weeks ago!
NFL Rookies = :ban:

Greg Olsen signing already = :cheers: