Panini Instant NFL Draft 2020


TP9 | VC15
So this is something I thought was pretty interesting. Today, Panini released a 32 card draft set which will include all of the first round draft picks for tomorrow night's NFL draft. You can see the cards on the Panini Instant website. The cards show just a silhouette at the time of me writing this, but they will be updated, in real-time, as the picks are made in the NFL draft tomorrow night.

The cards will be updated with the player, their new team logo, along with a photo of the player within minutes after the player is drafted. The cards this year will include pictures of the players in their college uniform, since they aren't able to get the stage shots because of, you know, the 'rona...

In addition to the original base set, there will also be a green parallel numbered /5 and a black parallel numbered /1.

All of these cards are already for sale here:


TP9 | VC15
I just wanted to update this thread with a few pictures of what these cards look like. They're not too bad. I like how they include such a large photo. One thing they could've done is made them die-cut instead of just having a white background on the sides.

Gotta throw the first pick of the draft in.


...then as much as it pains me to post anything related to the OU Sooners, I had to include the Cowboys first pick too.