Does the NFL need to change its CBA?


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So with the money and power NBA players are gaining, plus the higher safety of the NBA game overall? There's a discussion percolating in the NFL about changing the CBA so players get more guaranteed contracts and with that comes more player power. But will the NFL ever agree to such a thing?


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Maybe if they start standing during the National Anthem.

NOT going to start making this political... but if the players wants "more" then that need to start playing "more" and being activist "less"


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Activism is important if people are dying at the hands of supposed peace officers. I also blame the departments though for hiring such faulty people as cops in the first place. But as a society, not many people want to be cops. Dangerous job, pay is terrible. So perhaps the pool of applicants for this job will always be flawed to a certain degree.


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This recent uptick in protests has nothing to do with issues between the police and African-American communities and everything to do with Donald Trump and his twitter finger. I'll bet that half of the protesters don't even know the original motivation behind the protest.

While I have no issue with peaceful protests...I think that this issue and the CBA are completely disconnected.

As far as I have "discussion percolating" in the NFL over changing the current CBA. The reason for that is the CBA cannot be changed. The current CBA has a 10 year agreement and will expire after the 2020 season at which point it will no longer exist. Once that happens, the NFLPA and the Owners will negotiate a new has always happened in the past. I'm sure the NFLPA and the Owners are always thinking about how they want the next CBA to look when it's time to negotiate a new one...but that's a few years away.