NL Champ's


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What a great series.A different hero in every game for the Rock's.Now the waiting game to see who they play in the WS.



Bench Warmer
If the Rockies win the World Series, I might not watch baseball next season.

Go Indians (or Sox)!

Seriously, though, congrats to your team. It's been a long time since my team has been to the NLCS... :(


Just got back from the Rockies game. What a freaking amazing atmosphere. I went last night as well and that game was crazy cold. I stood about 3 feet away from Cal Ripken and Frank Thomas pre-game as they got ready for the broadcast.

I did get pics, and video. Oh yeah, also got a ball baby! I will post pics tomorrow after I get some sleep. This whole thing is just kinda surreal...21-1 out of the lsat 22 games? Craziness.


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The Rockies flat out spanked us. I wasn't expecting anything from the D'Backs. With O-Dawg out, we didnt really have a chance with the Rockies.. Kind of wished the Phillies had won the series.. ;) I give mad props for the Rockies.. If they win the World Series, I think it will be great for baseball... But Im pulling for the Sox.. Hate the Indians..