Football Nfl offensive and defensive rookies of the year


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What is your prediction of offensive am defensive rookies of the year? I will say tavon Austin (of course) and Jarvis jones for defensive.
Geno Smith! HAHAHA.

Not really. I think Tyler Eifert has a chance to be a Gronk-like force in that Bengals offense, and with weak offensive talent in this year's rookie class, could become the first TE to ever win the award. Other than Eifert, my top 5 would include Tavon Austin, Eddie Lacy, Coradelle Patterson, and Nuke Hopkins.

As for defensive, I think Jarvis Jones as well. I also like Demontre Moore on that strong NY Giants D-line.
I'd also add stedman bailey for him being a deep threat. I like the Moore pick. But you could also see bkervious mingo for the jets be a standout on defense.
I'll go with my standard homer pick and say Nuk Hopkins for Offensive ROY with Austin and Lacy being serious contenders. For Defensive ROY i'll go with Dee Milliner with Eric Reid contending.
I'll give another totally biased answer and go with Terrance Williams on offense. I really expect that he can have a breakout season with Dez, Miles, and Witten attracting most of the defensive attention. Remember this was last year's receiving leading in college. I'm thinking, or maybe just hoping more than anything, that he can have a "Laurent Robinson season".

On defense, I'm still really unsure. I don't see any single player that really stands out as a "that guy is going to be a beast" type of guy. If I had to pick one, though, I guess I'd go with Jarvis Jones too.
Tough this early..

Jonathan Franklin could in that offense have a huge year, even sharing the time with Lacey.. but if Lattimore gets, and stays, healthy.. uuuhwee he'll be good.. but Eifert is deff a great bid to snag it.

Defensively.. hmm, imo theres a lot of guys this coming year.. Jones and Ansah look great, but then again.. we havent seen one second of them in the pros.. I like Star too, but again..

This is really, reeeeally early to start guessing, be fun to check back at the end of the season to see if we were right or not :)
Exactly why I created this thread. I like the Terrance Williams pick by mike because I too am a cowboys fan. But I'm a mountaineer fan so I'm pulling for tavon. I could list 3 off and 3 def that I'd bet money one will win it on each side of the ball. It's is early but I'm pumped to watch Robert woods(USC) tavon austin(wvu) and Eddie lacy. I'd say lattimore but I highly doubt he's healthy this year. As for def. Jarvis jones of course. Someone said miller. I doubt he will make the plays this year to win it. I also like mingo(lsu). He's not bad. And Sheldon rich from Missouri. He's pretty sick as well. One of those guys will win it on d and same on offense. I'll remind everyone about this thread just to prove I was right;)