NFL and NBA Breaks?


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Hey guys, I just wanted to check the interest level in NFL or NBA breaks? The product prices for these are generally substantially higher than baseball. You've got some Score products on the lower end that could be around $25 per slot to high end Panini products that could run $35 - $75+ per slot, than there is always products in college uniforms that can be more budget friendly. Of course, this could all change with Panini losing there NBAPA and NFLPA licenses, but only time will tell! Anyways, just wanted to start a conversation about breaks for these two sports to gauge interest level in them.
My memory is we broke some 2022-23 Donruss Basketball about a year ago. I think it sold all slots pretty quick. NFL and NBA are not routinely broken here, but I would welcome the variety. I noticed that most of the NFL releases recently I've been able to get from a local distributor in the $145/box range. And that includes some nice products like Legacy. I don't even necessarily have a perception of Score as being a terribly low end release, with 3 autos/box in the NFL product this year.

I would probably participate in some NFL and NBA breaks