Nationals Pulls and Pick Ups




I pulled the above beauty and sold it on the spot.

After I sold the above card, I had some extra cash and bought these


Here is what's left of my exquisite breaks...I did a total of 3 cases and sold most of it. I also pulled a magic limited logo, a rodman enshrinement auto, rodman patch /10, a magic/hamilton dual jersey numbers card, hamilton/hassan dual auto, balkman exquisite auto patch, marbury exquisite auto patch, a bunch of rookies, bird exquisite patch 3/3 (no auto). Surprisingly only one redemption.

I also picked up the jordan/kobe/dr. j triple auto for some cash/trade deal. Also picked up a jordan final floor buyback auto /17 and a bruce lee allen and ginter relic card (the last two are with BGS for grading).


Awesome haul. So did you make your money back on those 3 cases by selling the triple logo card?

Are you kidding? lol If he/she did not make their money back they are not too bright IMO.;)

Very nice stuff, that kind of card is why people still bust boxes, and the cards you bought with the extra cash are why people still collect cards:clap:

Congrats on what looks like it was a great card weekend for you.:salut: