Three 1/1 2023 Leaf Metal Draft Paul Skenes 4/9


5.00 star(s)
Hi All
Needed to break something and since there's been little movement on my two breaks, even though I am losing about $40 per break.
Had picked up 2 hobby boxes and 2 Jumbo boxes of Leaf Metal Draft with all autos and base parallels #/10 or less. Probably one of the best boxes I've opened. Even the one base card was an eBay 1/1 and not one of the three I actually pulled!

Please Watch the video and LMK what you think and please leave a thumbs up for me.

2023 Leaf Metal.jpg


Ivan Melendez Thrillerz T-IM1 1/1 Diamondbacks​

Yohandy Morales BA-YM1 3/6 Nationals
Dillon Head 1st Rd Gem 1RG-DH1 6/10 Padres
Luisangel Acuña BA-LA1 2/4 Mets​

Paul Skenes Top 100 T1-PS1 4/9 #1 Overall Pirates
Brailer Guerrero B-46 Gold Parallel 1/1 Rays
Hurston Waldrep B-64 189/189 Braves Hurston Waldrep B-64 1/1 Preprodution Proof Variation Braves​

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