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I am now, and always have been, a Cincinnati Reds homer! My whole collection centers around this fact, so I thought that I would show off some of what I have.


This is truly the pride of my collection. It was signed at a show in 2000 and has COA on the back and the fram is 20x24.

Next is my all-time favorite player and one this years inductees to the Hall of Fame:


GREAT auto from a class act.

Another one of my favorites:


And the latest $200 million man in baseball:


He is definately worth the money right nowand hopefully will be when he is 40...
Sweet start to the thread. I like the Reds, some great players over the years. And I LOOOVE Chapman :D
Did you get those last 3 signed yourself?

No, I wish that I had but those were bought items. I will make my way up to Cincy at least a couple more times this year and will hopefully have some luck. They say that Votto is very hard to get, he does sign everyday but only 5 per day. I went to opening day but that was CRAZY and no oner signed before or after the game.
Some more of my Reds PC:

I love this card, he hit a walkoff homerun in the first Reds game that I ever went to!


A couple of bat cards, the past and the present:


And a game used of my favorite player numbered to 100

After watching the Reds win their 6th straight game today I decided to add some to this thread.

First some fan favorites from the past

Nice patch that is actually bulging out of card


Nice Aaron Boone Auto before all of that Yankee hero stuff

And a couple of Junior GU


Young players autos

Finally beginning to pitch like he was suppose to 3 years ago

Hide the T-shirts!

True talent if he can cut down those K's

And finally a couple of hot prospects autos

It is neat, none the less. Not too many game-used cards these days are interesting because of their one-tone swatches, but it is always nice to add an interesting one to the collection. I have seen several game-used coming out of Topps products containing varying years of All-Star jerseys, but they are not noted as such and are just inserted into the basic game-used cards.

I can not figure out where that game from because it doesn't look like their gray unis.