My Recent Successes!


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Hey all, have had some great successes rolling in, some for contests, some for friends, and a very few for me, as I am not actively collecting for myself anymore. Wanted to start a thread to showcase some fun items, be sure to head over to the TTM manager to check out addresses!
I seldom receive two returns in one day! Two great signers got back to me today!

Cameron Brate is a fantastic tight end, who caught Tom Brady's last TD pass!

Richard Petty. The King himself. He still takes the time to sign everything for his fans, and his signature is great!

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Whitey Herzog is truly just the kindest man I have ever met in the baseball world! When I met him last year, he told me a hilarious story about Game 1 of the 1982 World Series being delayed 12 minutes "because one of the Clydesdales went potty on First Base!"

He has forgotten more about baseball than I will ever know! He has signed many items for me over the years, these 2 are my favorites!

A few years ago I bought a single signed piece of hotel stationery signed by a couple of Reds players. I was able to use each signature, which is unusual because they often overlap....a couple names you may have heard of?!?


I loved how all these came out, though I had one very favorite!
Always wanted to use the Pete Rose headfirst slide photo and I finally got to!!