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This is where I will post my adventures in getting autographs. Today I'm going into the city. I'm a little unsure how things will go but hopefully everything will go right. First, Bill Cosby will be on Jimmy Fallon's show. Cosby is the #1 person I would want to meet I'd have to say. He was my biggest influence and I can't tell you how happy I would be to meet him. But at almost the same time is the time I would need to graph the Suns and Warriors. So I'm really hoping I see him quick enough and then I have to take the subway immediately. The times suck but I cannot miss out on a chance to meet Bill Cosby. I can be slightly late for basketball but I do not want to miss anyone I really want. I just hope everything falls into place. Please wish me a lot of luck.
Good luck otis! Hopefully you'll be ablel to meet Bill Cosby. I agree, that would be awesome! There are very few basketball players I'd rather meet. Let us know how it goes.
Ok so just about everything went wrong. It was bad but not as bad as the first time I went to a hotel. First off I never got to see Cosby. He might have went in underground or something. The little time I was at Fallon's proved to be too long. On my way to the hotel, I was told that most of the players went in already. At least it wasn't a total loss as many of the players didn't end up signing. I hate when you print out a bunch of things (Cosby, Stephen Curry, Ellis, Grant Hill) and end up getting none of them. All I got for today was....

Mark Jackson 1/2
Hakim Warrick 1/2

At least I finally got Jackson. When he was associated with the Nets, he would never sign for me. I'll get a pic up soon, at least he signed the cooler card.
Well that stinks! At least you got a few, but sorry to hear you didn't get the one you wanted.
Well here it is.


FYI, he wrote "God Bless" if you couldn't see. My goodness look at that signature. This made me want to do a comparison with an auto I pulled of him maybe 2 years ago.

Wow! Quite a difference in the 2 autos there. I guess he's getting lazy in his old age. :LOL:

I guess I would too, though, if I had signed my name hundreds of thousands of times in my life.
Yep that's true. But some people have a nicer signature. Just depends on the person. If you're an athlete, you must be happy if you have a short name haha. David Lee, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, John Wall. I do like having a short name too.
Well, I guess signing for a fan is vastly different than having a stack of cards sitting at your house, that you can sign when you have the time..
I think I've seen some of your mail days on another forum. I look forward to checking this thread.

One of my goals for this year is start TTM'ing..... So expect a PM now and then from me. ;)

I also have a contact in my local city that knows where all the NBA players stay wen they come in town... Now I just need more time.. :(
Oh no I don't do TTM. I tried it a little a few years ago but that's it. Thanks for checking out my thread. I'm pretty fortunate to have the info too. I've known this kid since the very first time I started graphing hours before the game. Now I'm one of those few people he doesn't mind telling where they stay. I would go more if the cost to get there wasn't so much.
I figured occasionally I would update this thread with notable things I've gotten in the past. Nothing big here but cool stories behind them. First the picture.


This is back from 2007. This is when I still used black for autos haha. Well first on Ron Johnson. Ron would work out at a gym I used to work at. The father of a girl I went to elementary school with told me this guy used to play for the Giants years ago. He introduced me to him and Ron greeted me everytime he saw me. I eventually found a card of him on eBay and asked him to sign it. Now that I think about it, I think that was the last day I worked there. As for Sam Silas, he was a professor at my college! He was my Fitness For Life teacher. If I'm not mistaken I believe he's one of like 3 former players to have earned a PhD. One day after class I asked him when was the last time he signed an autograph. He had no idea and then I said, "Wellllll can I have your autograph?" :D He got a kick out of that. Gotta love some of the stories behind an autograph.