Hockey May 2020 Mid-Low Budget Hockey Group Box Break!!


42 (100%)
  1. northicehero99 - New Jersey Devils
  2. Indiana Jones - Carolina Hurricanes
  3. maple19 - Montreal Canadiens
  4. franklinguy52 - Nashville Predators
  5. redwing40 - Colorado Avalanche
  6. Indiana Jones - Ottawa Senators
  7. Obert22 - Anaheim Ducks
  8. PAVI39 - Philadelphia Flyers
  9. Mike - LA Kings
  10. franklinguy52 - St. Louis Blues
  11. franklinguy52 - Buffalo Sabres
  12. Mike - New York Islanders
  13. PAVI39 -Columbus Blue Jackets
  14. Obert22 - San Jose Sharks
  15. Indiana Jones - Coyotes
  16. redwing40 - Winnipeg Jets
  17. franklinguy52 - Calgary Flames
  18. maple19 - Vegas Golden Knights
  19. Indiana Jones - Tampa Bay Lightning
  20. northicehero99 -
Available Teams

Florida Panthers
Minnesota Wild

PM to northicehero99


42 (100%)
Okay, youtube has me on a 24 hour hold, but would like to break tonight......I was able to access my breakersTV account but not sure why we stopped using it, but I can give it a go



42 (100%)
Dang it. I missed this. Do we have a video somewhere?
Probably not Mark as I did it on breakersTV, but you did get some hits.

I apologize for no updates as I came into a little trouble this week and moved into my mother home after a fall out with my new/now old girlfriend. But I will be back on it this Saturday for everyone and get transactions posted and start packaging to mail out Saturday before 1 PM. Stay tuned folks.