Mark and Vibe (THIS WAS TOO MUCH!)


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Well, I've been waiting on a package from Mark (Cool_Hand_Flash) and Vibe (his fiance) for a little under a week now. A package that I was told I couldn't open unless it was live on BlogTV, in their presence. That package actually arrived yesterday, but I didn't realize it until Vibe was already in bed so I ended up having to stare at it the rest of the night wondering what it contained.

Today I got home from work and Mark informed me that Vibe was awake and ready to roll! I fired up the BlogTV, and began opening the package.

I was presented with a note, written in English, letting me know that I was to open the packages in order 1 through 5. There was another note, written in Danish (uhh?), with instructions on what I was to do with the packages. Now I will take you through the steps (probably not with a perfect translation still), and show you what I got.

Step 1: For the hobby elements


This is used to rub on all the hobby boxes I bust, for good luck! They're taped together, so I can rub them both on the boxes at the same time. You'll see them in action in tomorrow's football group break. :)

Step 2: Put in mouth and eat


I'm sure this step needs no explanation. I will say, though, that I have eaten what comes out of the black box before, and I was MUCH more pleased with the taste of these.

Step 3: Sit and watch


Since I'm fluent in Danish, Mark and Vibe thought it would be a good idea to sent me a Danish movie. I actually can't wait to watch it. Luckily for me, it has subtitles. :LOL:

Step 4: As promised, a stack for your collection



This stack included 2 Tony Romo certified inserts, a Dez Bryant PP PE rookie, and 3 2010 Classics cards I didn't have. Oh, and a Tony Dorsett GU. :D

Stay tuned for step 5!!
I seriously can't even begin to express with words how much this next one meant to me to open. I was completely, and utterly, speechless! I still have no idea what I could do, or say, to even come close to showing how excited I was to see this thing!

Mark and Vibe, all I can say is thank you, from the bottom of my heart! This card went straight to the top of my collection, and will likely remain there for years and years to come!

Step 5: A humble thank you for the help and friendship

Glad you liked it all Mike :)

You deserved it for all the helping out eith cards I cant get and other crazy stuff I find from sellers who wont ship to me :p

Plus youre a great friend, and I enjoy seeing friends happy :)
Wow Mike! Just saw this, I was wondering where that spunk thing came up, now I know! Known Mark also for some time, good friend and fellow Box Breaker, Vibe was on for one of our Hockey Break's, Some great folks that we wished that didnt live so far away! Congrats on the goods, that Aikman is sweet, thats one football player I know well!