Lefty is a goner


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wow i really didn't see that coming. i mean i knew that garrard outplayed him during pre season and had a great showing when he started when lefty was hurt, but i really didn't see them letting him go this close to the start of the season. i honestly expected it at the end of the season


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09/01/07 01:02 am ET Ktulus Garrard, David QB JAC add Parker, Eric WR SD Drop

just in case...
parker is out for 10 weeks anyway


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I thought he might loose the starting QB role but I was shocked with the news of either a trade or cut. With all the QB needs he should land somewhere.


For some reason, Leftwich and Del Rio are just like Oil and water...they just don't mix. This might be the best thing for him...I'd like to see him come to Atlanta myself...he could then remove Oregonweim's guy, Blo-ey Harrington from the starting QB job when Blo-ey reverts back to old Blo-ey form on the field. If somebody could just get Leftwich to shorten that bolo-like windup he has in his throwing motion.