Kinda went crazy today ... here's my haul


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So today was the first time I got a big paycheck since I moved from Phoenix to Seattle and even though it wasn't the most responsible thing to do, I decided to go a little crazy. I bought a couple blaster packs of Prestige as well as two boxes of Inception and a box of Topps Pro Debut (all 2012). Here's some of the highlights:

I finally got my first Bryce Harper ever. It's just a base card but still ... it's my first one so I'm excited.

I pulled a dual auto of Tyler Collins and Dean Green

Pulled a sweet Chris Givens Silver Ink /25 from Inception. Sadly, a common theme I found in both boxes of Inception is some white on the dark edges on pretty much all of the cards I pulled. Sad times.
Got a SWEET Ronnie Hillman patch auto but again, bad edges. Not a very impressive auto either but ... I'm not complaining. It's still a sweet card.

Got some Gold Ink love and a great 4 color patch /25 from T.J. Graham

Snagged a Vick Ballard auto. Nothing special but with as much Prestige as I've opened, I have never seen a Ballard auto (even though it's numbered to 699) so I was happy to see something different.

Also pulled an RG3 base RC, an RG3 Draft Tickets insert card and an Andrew Luck Draft City Destinations card from Prestige (no need to post those pics ... you've all seen them before).
Got a sweet 1/10 of Doug Martin (with crappy edges yet again)

A Von Miller Gamers jersey from Prestige

And lastly, a few Minor League Memorabilia jerseys/bats


Looks like you got some pretty decent pulls. The patch on that Hillman is just sweet! Congrats buddy!
Nice Cosart jersey. I've been a fan of him ever since last year's All-Star Futures Game here in Phoenix. He saw some guy standing next to me during BP jostle two caught commemorative balls out of my glove in left field, and he hooked me back up with one of them instead of throwing it back in. That ball was hit by Paul Goldschmidt (which was awesome for me in my Dbacks gear) and I eventually got it signed by Goldy. Been a fan of Jarred Cosart ever since for being a good guy!