Josh Smith to the Pistons, sounds like a 50/50 shot


Bench Warmer
The hawks and pistons are talking about a sign and trade deal for Josh Smith that would include Tayshaun Prince. If this happens expect our very own Ground Support to Pee his pants.
I think there will be a BIT more to it than that....LOL

I would be SHOCKED if Atlatna did this... they wouldnt be too smart to take JUST Tayshaun Prince for Josh Smith....this kid is gonna be sooooo good it's scary he's young rediculously talented and I just dont see Prince doing anything for Atlanta.... I think in Detroit Prince Atlanta he's just a decent player that is thrown in with young unexperienced guys and will be lost...
That thing is, if Atlanta believes they are giong to lose Josh smith to another team, this is the only way they can get something from it.