i think im going to go to a show...


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starts at 10, 60 tables at a mall, see if i cant turn out some of my press pass autos and other stuff...so ill be going through my 3 boxes designated for nationals and turn it into 1 box for a mall show...its about an hour away, but thats the closest show in the area all month...sucks living in the middle of no where....if i find something that i think someone will want ill attempt to contact someone on the site for a number or something, as im usually in decent communication with someone who is sitting in front of a computer on this site....

ill also take some stuff to impress them that wont be moved :dance: but hope to have some fun and find some crap...
Mall shows are where you really could have moved all those crap cards you just stent off to blowout...
keep an eye out for Shane O'Brien Rc's for me low numbered items

Ud Ultimate Auto Patch/Jersey #ed to 10

Ud Black Diamond Gold Rc #ed to 10

Ud Sweet Shot Jersey/Auto #ed to 25

if you see Any of these lmk
going to show tomorrow

Going to show tomorrow. Do not know how much I will spend. Since at my real job I only working part time now. I might just sit there and watch Brett (oregonweim) rip stuff open. The show is at The Best Western in East Windsor CT. exit 45 off 91. Show time starts at 9am. If you want to see how Brett is doing just aol IM me or pm me I will have my computer with me.
show was complete WEAKSAUCE, lots of baseball crap, but they had boxes of 89 topps football for $20 :doh: some of the tables werent even card related, someone was selling coins, someone only had trinkets, it was like 'rent a spot' at the mall..

that said i spent $1 on a card, then traded my 2004 Bowmans Best Bob Sanders auto (had $35 in it) for a 89 Upper Deck Griffey, 03 Ultimate Boller and some garbage that others here might find useful...