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Hi all, trading has been slow for me since the Holidays but I would like to add some new stuff to my collection. I have many new cards to trade since the Holidays. Just please post what you are looking for and Ill leave a list as soon as possible. Some stuff I am seeking are as follows....

-2022 Pirates Parallels and Numbered
-Any Phillies serial numbered cards
-Any HOF RCs any sport
-Rare/cool 90s inserts (refractors, museums, artist proofs, acetate, die cuts) any sport
-semi star and better refractors 2014 and before
-newer star refractors
-refractor RCs
-decent Cowboys and 49ers refractors, serial numbered (Jerry Rice, Frank Gore, Terrell Owens, Steve Young, Aikman, Smith, Irvin, newer stars)

There is a very high chance that if you need something I have FT I'll find something from you that I can use. My tradelist is below. Much appreciated thanks Bri

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Hi Bri,

In addition to the two cards we talked about before:
2014 Topps Tribute Blue #4 Willie Stargell [04/99] (Pirates)
2020 Topps Vintage Stock #646 Kevin Newman [92/99] (Pirates)

I also have these if you are interested:
2022 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor #98 Ke'Bryan Hayes
2022 Topps Gold #285 Ben Gamel [1528/2022]
2022 Topps Gold #635 Kevin Newman [0280/2022]
2021 Topps Yellow #251 Pirates TC
2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Blue Mini-Diamond #307 Kevin Newman [057/199]
2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Blue Mini-Diamond #672 Willie Stargell [020/199]
2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Autographs Refractors #PA-JJR Jojo Romero [143/199] (Phillies)
2021 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor #106 Jake Arrieta (Phillies)

I am looking for inserts from these:
2022 Topps Chrome New Classics
2022 Topps Chrome Heart of the City
2022 Topps Gallery Modern Artists
2022 Bowman Chrome inserts (most all)
2021 Bowman Best Future Vibrance
2021 Topps Allen and Ginter Murad T51
2020 Topps Update #1 Prospects
David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, Rafael Devers, and maybe some other Red Sox. Also some Red Sox and Rockies prospects.

Interested in these:

Craig Biggio
2022 Donruss Retro Career Stat Line 234 /500

Jose Altuve
19 Topps Chrome Prism Refractor 20
21 Topps Chrome refractor 169

Justin Verlander
2020 Topps Rainbow Foil 232

I have TONS of serial-numbered Pirates cards. Drop me a line and let me know what we could work out.
Hi there, thanks for the reply but I don't have any autos to trade that would meet the criteria in your signature. Much appreciated thanks Bri
I’m interested in the Bernie Williams RC. Do you need anything off my tradelist? Do you have other rookies not listed on the site?
Hi there! I do have more, will pm you what I find. Much appreciated, I like the Griffeys on your tradelist in addition to several others. Will check in later. Much appreciated