Need expert advice on the value of a 1952 topps wax pack unopened.


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I received my father's safety deposit box contents last month because he passed away and I'm keeping everything but this Baseball card pack, and I was needing some help because I don't know much about Sports cards and stuff.

But from what I've examined on the pack , It's a 1952 Topps Wax Pack unopened , it looks to have bubble gum in a white wrapping inside and when I shined a light to see it better, I was able to make out that the first card in the pack is a Yankees card the players last name Collins , It looks in great shape but I don't know what the value is and I haven't been able to find anything on ebay so I'm at a loss for the possible worth.

Please someone help
Sorry about your father. I am far from an expert, but, oh, man, that is the type of thing sold through auction houses (like Sotheby's) for a lot of money. If those cards are mint and if it in fact has never been opened (This point is very, very important), someone will pay a lot for it. The 1952 Mickey Mantle, graded at 9 out of 10, has sold for over $4 million. No guarantee the Mantle is in there, but I am sure some will take a chance. Other cards in the set (Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson) have sold well over 100k. Many are lower but still nice. For example, the Joe Collins card you see has a book value of $250.00 in ungraded NM-MT condition.

Again, not an expert, but I would have experts from reputable auction houses handle it.

P.S. I would not have had the patience not to open that thing!

Good luck with it.
Wow, yeah, this is definitely a crazy find. I would look into possibly grading the pack and then the auction house route, but you may not need to grade. Goldin has been selling a lot of the biggest cards lately, so they may be an option.
I think it depends on what series. Based on the card you mentioned, it is probably series 4 - which doesnt have the Mantle. However, that is still an awesome find, and I agree to take it to an auction house. From what I saw, some packs were going for $50K a couple of years ago before prices skyrocketed - again, the series and condition may have a big impact.
There are grading companies that grade unopened packs and boxes.
  • 1952 Topps #202 Joe Collins RC
  • SER#-
  • Print Run-
  • Beckett Low$40.00
  • Beckett High$100.00
Take a pic we all would love to see a pic of it ain't to often you see a pic of an unopened 1952 Topps pack
and sorry your loss be strong