I think I smell another rat


Bench Warmer
I have a bad feeling about this guy: topprospect1. So far nothing out of line but something awful suspicious about him. I would watch him closely. Jim


he's part of the paulmanredsox/starbury/******* team

paul curran, pavel, etc

he openly taunted and threatened me the other day

i plan on going undercover (i have joes approval) and setting this jerk-off up


Bench Warmer
When you see this c ock s ucker sign up just ban him. Hopefully, they'll get tired and fuc k off. He's had 13 names, and I just took out three more active ones. The problem with letting him stay to set him up is that they can make deals/trades/sales via PM, email, AIM etc. behind the scenes with our members without even making a post. Take them out, don't f uck with the s hit.

Joe needs to contact his host IP, and let them know what they are doing is trespassing. He also needs to ban his IP address.

IP Address:
Internet Provider: ool-18bb2818.dyn.optonline.net