I love it when this happens


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My brother and a friend were at the house today. I had just gotten in so was opening my mail. (3 packages and a box!! which will be posted soon I swear!) Well I'm opening the box (a sweet huge ass pile of Purdue and Bengals from Darrin) and my bro's friend gets all excited when he sees some Brees cards. So I actually got to share some excitement :)

He got really pumped when he saw a Brees auto I got from Pence (CCG representing nicely here w/ both Darrin and Pence!!). Anyways just had to share. I love it when I can share my love of cards with others.
I got to share my love of cards this weekend when my friends helped me move 23 binders and seven 5000 count boxes to my new apartment. I don't think they were very excited about it though ;)

Glad you were able to share the love.

best part of nats? no, not craigslisthos, sharing your hobby love!!!

(no dan, not spooning) :lollol::lollol::lollol: